We are passionately committed to our mission of changing people's lives around the world by helping them adopt a more healthy lifestyle so they look and feel their best.


Eazzy Fit's mission is to help you achieve your full health potential. Whether it's losing weight, gaining muscle, having more energy, or helping you live a long and happy life. We can’t wait to be apart of your success story.

Meet The Trainer

Eric Barnett

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As the founder of Eazzy Fitness, I am here to help change your life by offering you the tools that EazzyFit has to offer. My name is Eric Barnett. I've been a certified fitness instructor for the past 3 years. I am a former University of Central Florida football player with a BA in Sports Management/Business. Many people ask me why I am not actively practicing in my field of study. I tell them because I am chasing what makes me want to get up everyday and "my why" has changed me personally and physically. I enjoy working out and helping others achieve their goals whether its for sports, health concerns, or personal reasons. This is my passion and I have decided to follow that dream to help others focus on theirs. (EazzyFit was established in 2015)

  E-mail: eazzyfit@gmail.com 

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